2016 Schedule!

The 2016 season is coming together! We got accepted into the Internationals in Breckenridge, Adrian is planning on putting on the Vermont State Competition down in Woodstock again and we are planning something with the Shelburne Museum – all wether dependent of course – but this looks like it will be a fun season.

Sketches and more details to follow!

2013 Season!

So – we won the US National Champioships! Woohoo!

We won entrance into an event in Italy, but it was cancelled due to lack of funds… so we are headed back to the Nationals to defend our title!

Of course, since none of the plans worked out, we are funding the trip ourselves – and being that we are all fairly broke artists – we need your help! You can click on the button to the right and donate – or come to a party we are having a party! Click here for details! Hope to see you and thanks for your continued support!

Working for the summer

Trying to figure out how to work on snow sculpture ideas in the approach of warm weather is a bit tricky. So we work – I got a new office – let’s see – launched Ed Adrian site this week – and that is good.  Pics coming soon of my new office!

Post Win Phase Out

So things are getting back to normal after out big national win. We got a bit of press here at home and even got TEAM VERMONT day declared by the mayor! Woohoo!

I have been in touch with the organizers of the Italian Alps competition and they say they won’t know the theme until probably a month before the competition – so that is pretty alarming. A- we never worked within a theme – B- we usually think things out a couple months in advance. But ah well – that’s the way the canolli rolls I suppose!

Doing a lot of work – some site build outs – did a nice theme makeover for this Vermont Advertising Agency  that I thought was pretty cool looking – and then the LocalvoreToday.com project has been taking up some time too – links to that soon! Still under wraps! See you soon!

US National Champions!!!

Ladies and Gentleman – after 4 days of enduring questionable weather conditions, we finished our piece with the thinnest lines we dared. The puzzle piece inside was made of ice and it stood for 2.25 hours before collapsing.

But that was plenty of time for the judging of the competition – and we ending up WINNING THE NATIONAL TITLE!!!!!


I know this is the first time that Vermont has taken the National title – and it marks an awesome point in this 12 year odyssey –  started as a bit of a lark and all the way to nationals champs!

What’s next? With the weather there ain’t nothing happening in Vermont. But we got a travel stipend and an invitation to an event in the Italians Alps – so I think our next goal would be an International prize of some sort…

Holy Crap – I can’t even believe I wrote that last sentence!!!!

Day 2 – US Nationals 2012

Day 2 Sculpting – Slept till lunch – carved all afternoon – on way to dinner – Alex has photos soon! Slushy but workable conditions!! The shape is getting realized to what degree we can make it. The snow cylinder was about a foot less then we thought it would be due to meltage!

So – less then ideal – but we are forging ahead. Check out the Facebook page for pics!!!

There is also this live webcam – I hear you gotta refresh the page a bunch to get it to work.

We’re Here – We are ready to rock it.

Met the other teams last night in the beautiful Bella Vista Suites Vista room – much like Brigadoon where a town reveals itself once a year, we see the teams from all over the US we have met many times before, and add some new teams to the mix.

The weather is downright warm. It will probably play a big part in everyones piece. But what can you do about the weather?

Live webcam!!!


Kickstarter for new tools!

Check out this video we made to try and raise money for tools on Kickstarter – we are 65% there so far – and would love your help.

If you can help out financially, that is great! If not, maybe you can spread this kickstarter link around to your networks that would be wonderful!

Here is the kink to the kickstarter!


Snow Carvers Documentary!

Want to get the inside scoop on carving giant snow sculptures in an International competition? Check this documentary out by our friend Peter. He had some serious cameras out there and did an awesome job capturing the zeitgeist of the event.
From his website – “It reveals not only how these enormous sculptures are created but what drives these artists to endure such harsh conditions to create this extreme art form.”

Click the pic to go to his site!

Snow Carvers Documentary
Best part? We are in it. We speak and everything!

New pins this year

We have been kicking around ideas for new pins for a while now, but this one came to me this morning and it seemed like a real keeper. Special nod to Sarah for editing excellence!

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